About Jack Moss


About Me

I’ve drawn and painted since I was a little boy.  My dad was a Baptist preacher, and a rancher.  My love of art, and growing up around horses and cattle, brought these two passions together naturally. 

Favorite subjects:   

  1. -All things western

  2. -Landscapes

  3. -Native American History

  4. -Commission work of all kinds

Contact information:

Jack Moss

Grid Iron Gallery

112 East Main St.

Llano, Tx



                                                                                           The landscapes in the Texas Hill

                                                                                           Country are dramatic rock  bluffs,

                                                                                           miles, of land, blue green mountains,

                                                                                           rivers, wild life, cowboys,  ranches and

                                                                                           open country which are enough to lure

                                                                                           any artist out to capture it all in

                                                                                           paintings. The Cowboy life has                

                                                                                           changed but, it is still alive and

                                                                                           working in Texas.

                                                                                           Moss paints the scenes he’s grown up

                                                                                           with living all of his life in Texas. This

                                                                                           is country he knows, loves. The faces,  ranching tradition and wide-open spaces invade his imagination. Moss’s career life has included  football coach, high school Principal, athletic director, horse trainer, and many other interests. Combining the two talents, art and coaching, created a unique situation within itself. Growing up he was always with  a pencil in hand sketching the west. Without formal training he decided to acquire some watercolor supplies  and a few “how to” books and set out teaching himself the difficult medium of watercolor. His techniques aluminates with vivid color and the selling of his paintings started almost immediately. He has won several awards and art shows. Some of these include The San Antonio Art League Spring Show, J.R. Mooney Debut in San Antonio and the Humble Art League in Humble, Texas. Also, he has been featured in Southern Living Magazine, Texas Monthly Magazine, and The Hill Country Magazine.

Born in West Texas, the son of a preacher, his family moved quite often thought West Texas. The enjoyment of the outdoors and his family always owning horses -  working cattle with his dad created the love of the west. His love for the Western way of life is evident in his paintings.

“Exposure to range cattle and the cowhand’s way of life started for me in my early life. I’ve been recording their Activities on paper and canvas ever since. The Texas Hill Country and the Western mountains and plains produce backdrops for the cowboy’s life. The experiences of riding and working alongside cowhands with my dad on ranches in Texas enabled me to gather reference materials in my mind, on paper with sketches and photos. This not only

was the helpful beginning of my art experience but has been a great satisfaction in my life.”

After many years of successful coaching and a public school career, Moss has now completed another lifelong dream of opening a gallery of western art, The Gridiron Gallery, in Llano, Texas. He is now living the life of that great dream, an Artist of the West.